Continuing in the tradition of creative, unique and mind blowing art on the playa, artist Jim Bowers, The TriBe, a talented team of Laser Technology Scientists, expert craftsmen and other artists from around the world are designing and creating what will be The Worlds Largest Working Clock called “Burning Time”. At over 5000′ feet wide, high powered lasers will keep accurate time with hour, minute and second hands marking artistic 22′ towers over the heads of the 50,000 festival goers that attend the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert every year in August.

The Clock project will fill the entire mile wide inner playa as the “face” of the clock. “Black Rock Cities” radial streets that run in the direction of The Man are already numbered like a clock. 12 o’clock being straight up from the Man (in front of “The Temple”) with 6 o’clock at the bottom at “center camp”. From off-center in the circular city we will control three high powered lasers from the top of a forty foot tower. These three lasers will “tick” around the city as infinite “hands on a clock”. Each of the three laser beams will represent, the hour, minute and ticking second hand while keeping perfect time using precision laser hardware, mirrors and custom software.

Each laser will start out as a pinpoint from the center tower and widen out at the esplanade (outside diameter of the clock) making each hand “bigger” and easier to identify from over a mile away. The more dust in the air, the more visible and brighter the hands.

The lasers will be controlled by a custom “wireless laptop” software program which keeps accurate time, using ultra high speed rotating mirrors to accurately position the hands of the clock every 1/2000 of a second. The projects 62 member international Art team will create 4′x6′ Art Panels to be installed on each side of the twelve, 22′ tall clock towers. Several featured artists will create “LIVE Paintings” during scheduled performances throughout the week long festival.

1 Mile Clock project

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