PUBSLUSH Press, a philanthropic, social publishing platform for aspiring authors, is proud to announce a blowout fundraiser to coincide with its business launch this autumn. They invite you to be part of this incredible event, Journey through Africa, and to be part of our publishing revolution. Tickets can be purchased at

The mission of PUBSLUSH Press to connect writers with their readers through social media, extends beyond just the business side. Something you take for granted – the ability to read this letter – is impossible for over 100 million children in this world. Countless studies have shown that the inability to read directly impacts one’s standard of living and quality of life; fighting poverty is hopeless without books!

That’s why they have established the PUBSLUSH Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3), to promote education initiatives by providing books, relevant resources and logistical support for children worldwide. They are accomplishing this through a one for one program: for every book they sell, they will donate a book (or its value) to support children’s literacy.

To celebrate their kickoff, they have selected an inspiring giving partner: Flying Kites, a non profit organization dedicated to orphan care in Kenya ( All proceeds raised at their event will be used to facilitate literacy initiatives for the Flying Kites children.

Please help support an amazing cause and tangibly impact the lives of Kenyan orphans. Together we can change a life, one book at a time.

Learn more about their cause at and feel free to contact them with any questions. PUBSLUSH looks forward to seeing you on September 22, 2011, at The Bowery Hotel, and thank you in advance for your support.

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Don’t miss it.

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Photographed by Hassan Kinley

When you think of Burning Man so many things pop up like Art, Music, Fantasy, Spirituality, Drugs, Sex and Rock + Roll, let’s not forget lots of dust and wind.  All these things are true and available on the Playa. One thing I have noticed is you get exactly what you came for. I came for the Art and the playa culture and boy did I get both.

Photographed by Erica Simone

I would love to know your playa stories and see your images. I hear from the playa veterans that each experience is different.  Share your stories and images with me and I will publish them on the K+R blog and will credit you unless you choose to remain anonymous.  Send your stories and  images to

Photographed by Ian Brewer

Photographed by Reka Nyari

Photographed by Hassan Kinley

Photographed by Erica Simone

Send all images and stories to

I look forward to hearing from you!

Look out for a fall ‘PLAYA LIFE’  photo exhibition featuring photography from Hassan Kinley, Reka Nyari, Ian Brewer and Peter Ruprecht.  Also look out for the full feature story of ’PLAYA LIFE’  in the ‘TASTE’ Issue of KARIN + RAOUL magazine Fall 2011

Best regards

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More info click here.

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Painting by Sara Conca

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