LOVE cufflinks $85.00 Design by Peter Tunney

Würkin Stiffs® Fashion Cufflinks are “true” one-piece…
Not laser welded or soldered together. Each cufflink is milled and machined from one-piece of billet brass, angled to our “v-design”… then Rhodium Plated. We finish them off by hand applying the resin on both sides, making for fully-finished cufflinks. Truly one-of-a-kind in high design!

Peter Tunney’s work is a part of a bigger story, one that has taken him across every inch of the globe…
He tackled wall street, traveled out of this world and landed back down to earth where he declared himself once and for all, an artist. Peter is able to produce works that probe our culture with authority, by mining images from newspapers, magazines, and art books and reinterpreting them through his own unique perspective.

Peter Tunney lives and works in New York. His work has been included in exhibitions and private collections around the world, and can be seen at his galleries.

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